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We set out to build a better boat and asked ourselves, “What if we could stretch the limits of boat design in every sense of the word?”

A sleek twin-engine design allows increased maneuverability over a single powerful engine with added redundancy. And unlike most twin-engine configurations, there is no loss in the number of people it can hold … thanks to the added buoyancy of the extended center tube.

Best-in-class chassis construction delivers unmatched strength and durability and the smoothest under deck surface for greater control on the water. Purposefully engineered features enable smarter boarding and docking. A one-of-a-kind aft cockpit extends past the engine transom, adding up to six feet of extra space. And a rear arrangement features the world’s first hybrid lounge/bar in the industry.

 Bold engineering. Smart and sophisticated design. Smooth, yet exhilarating performance. With more than 150 years of boating business experience on the VLP Management Team, we have taken the best ideas in the marine business to create the most interesting pontoons on the market.


Vanderbilt Pontoons Boat

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