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Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoons

Forms LLC,
Assembles New Management Team;
Moves Production to Indiana

Fort Wayne, IN— Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoons LLC a subsidiary of Marathon Acquisitions – has formed its own LLC and is moving production to a facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Operating under its own corporate structure of the LLC, Vanderbilt has also assembled an elite management team to move the company forward.

Vanderbilt is focused on developing and producing its 700 Series, a 27-foot twin engine luxury pontoon available in several configurations. The company has focused on bringing a top-of-its-class, luxury pontoon to the market, without compromising space, styling or performance. Also in development is a new single engine 500 Series model.

The assembled management team consists of General Manager Tavid Markarian; Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing David Hegel; Vice President of Finance Davis Deane; Supply Chain Manager Al Goeglein; Senior Design Engineer Rachel Parteko; and Plant Manager Chase Oldsen. The team brings vast experience from multiple industries including marine, specifically in the pontoon segment to Vanderbilt.

“Vanderbilt, and the excitement behind our future, is what drives me,” said Markarian. “We’ve assembled a well-respected team, and we’re currently working on new model development and dealer representation that accurately reflects our brand. While still being under the Marathon Acquisitions umbrella, the freedom of our own LLC and production facility brings us will allow us to launch Vanderbilt into the luxury pontoon market effectively.”

The company currently has dealers in place in South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Tavid Markarian comes to Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoons with over 25 years of manufacturing experience, focusing on engineering and operations as well as a Lean Six Sigma approach to eliminating waste on the production value stream. Markarian’s most recent experience was at TWE Group where he focused on automotive and commercial customers. He has a Bachelor of Science in Technology and an MBA from Indiana State University, a Six Sigma black belt from Purdue University MEP and a certification in Lean Manufacturing from Kentucky University.

David Hegel is stepping into the role of Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing with decades of experience in the marine industry. His previous work includes time at Sea Ox Boats, Outboard Marine Corporation, Genmar and Marathon Boat Group. Hegel has a Bachelor of Science from the school of Engineering and Technology at East Carolina University, concentrating in technical sales.

“Having been involved since the start of Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoons, I am elated that we have decided to build this amazing and elegant Pontoon boat in Indiana,” said Hegel. “We’re excited about our 700 Series and have already had incredible response from customers and dealers alike.”

Davis Deane comes to Vanderbilt with an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Saint Frances; Al Goeglein has a Six Sigma certification; Rachel Parteko has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University; and Chase Oldsen brings a over decade of pontoon experience to the team as well.

Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoons LLC builds luxury, innovative pontoons with style, performance and excellence in mind. It holds the industry’s only patented aft extended cockpit, keeping cutting-edge features at its forefront. Vanderbilt carries on the 75-year history shared with sister company Marathon Boat Group by selling boats in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia through an established network of dealer locations.

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