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Every twin engine Vanderbilt Pontoon comes standard with a Dometic Seastar EPS Hybrid Electronic Steering System. Its advanced technology combines hydraulic and electronic steering systems and delivers precise control, improved maneuverability, and enhanced efficiency all without the typical “whine” of a power assist pump. The fully programmable and adjustable steering system allows you to configure the boat to your exact steering preferences. Automatically adjust for fewer wheel turns at low engine RPM’s for greater maneuverability around the dock and additional wheel turns at high engine RPM’s for greater control at high speeds. With reduced hydraulic components at the helm, it requires less maintenance and great reliability.


Every single engine Vanderbilt Pontoon comes standard with QMI Multiflex hydraulic power assist steering. The electronic-hydraulic power assist system amplifies your steering inputs with two independent power assist pumps, Ackerman Steering, adjustable steering wheel tension, and steering wheel lockout reduction through RPM data, which allows for smooth and effortless steering, even at low speeds or in challenging conditions. The QMI Multiflex ensures precise control and immediate response to steering inputs enhancing maneuverability and responsiveness, giving you better control over your boat’s movements. One of the key advantages of QMI Multiflex steering is its ability to provide nearly silent steering operation. Unlike some competitive steering systems, this system minimizes system noise, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful boating experience.

500S Grant Steering Wheel
High Performance Pontoon Tubes
Underdeck Shield and Pontoon Tubes


Vanderbilt Pontoons are built to master the waves with confidence and stability. Twin engine pontoons must deliver high performance in the most challenging waters. The Vanderbilt engineering team designed each pontoon specifically to improve the hydrodynamics to reduce drag points, limit tube flex and enhance stability. The WaveMaster design cuts through the water smoothly and generates quick lift and responsive maneuvering.

Our pontoons are made with .09″ thick aluminum, with up to 5 interior bulkheads welded inside each tube to create air-tight chambers. Each section is pressure tested to 5psi. The reinforced tubes provide extra strength and rigidity that enhance the overall integrity of the chassis.

Lifting strakes are standard and are designed to quickly lift the pontoon up in the water for a quick, responsive hole shot, thus improving performance and fuel economy. The closed design of the lifting strake limits water flow inside the strake, which is better for salt-water environments.

Full length M brackets are welded to the top of each pontoon tube from bow to aft. These brackets ensure weight and vibration is evenly distributed through the length of the tube and not concentrated in limited areas. It is another source of strength and rigidity that adds to the overall tube and chassis system.


With 27″ diameter tubes, rough-water-ready reinforced nose cones, thicker nose cone material, interior and exterior performance strakes, 100 gallon fuel tank and our patented 4ft extended Entertainment Platform Area, you are ready to turn heads on the lake!

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