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Vanderbilt Welding Quality
Welding Craftsmanship

Why is craftsmanship important?

Today’s pontoon owners demand more performance out of their vessels. We know you expect your time on the water to be spent with friends and family having great adventures and making wonderful memories. That’s why every component and feature we consider is reviewed carefully to ensure it’s robust enough for a Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoon. Building a structurally sound pontoon, that delivers the smoothest and quietest ride, and is built strong enough to withstand the rigors of the roughest bodies of water, is paramount to every decision we make.

When the Vanderbilt team was assembled, they sought out the luxury pontoon industry’s most experienced craftsmen and women to design, engineer, and build the Vanderbilt pontoon. It took time to gather this expertise, but quality does take time. Each pontoon is build with the utmost attention to detail that only a team with decades of high-performance pontoon design and building can achieve. At Vanderbilt, our craftsmen and women are given the time and the tools to do the job right… so we might not be considered the fastest builder, but we know when you “experience” your Vanderbilt, you will experience what a pontoon should be.


A Vanderbilt Luxury Pontoon chassis is engineered to withstand the forces and stressed encountered during boating, including impacts, vibrations and torsion. Our chassis is designed for the most demanding application… a twin engine pontoon. We took those same materials and construction approach when we launched our single engine pontoons. So, whether you boat on a small lake or on a large, rough body of water, you can be assured that a Vanderbilt is ready to exceed your expectations of fun on the water.

Full width, heavy C channel crossmembers create a network that distributes weight across the structure. The bow and aft structures are fully welded. These two structures, combined with additional crossmembers, no more than 16 apart, create a chassis that resists flexing and twisting.

700T/727TX Chassis
Interlocking Transom


Our transoms are designed with interlocking internal components that increase the strength of the transom to better support the motors’ weight and to help displace the stress placed on the aft tubes during high performance use.

A Vanderbilt Pontoon is a “system” that works together to maintain its shape and strength under normal operating conditions and is designed to be safe and reliable throughout its lifespan.

The strength of a tri-toon chassis is just one aspect of a well-designed pontoon boat. Other factors, such as hull design, deck construction and overall craftsmanship, also contribute to the boat’s overall strength and performance.


We use 7-ply, marine grade, pressure treated, tongue and groove plywood. Beneficial properties of wood decking include sound dampening and vibration reducing features. There are several water-prevention steps that Vanderbilt Pontoons includes to prevent water intrusion.

  1. Butyl rubber insulation tape is installed on top of the cross members and under any decking seam
  2. Interlocking deck seams (tongue and groove decking)
  3. Sealant is applied across the top deck seams
  4. Sealant is used in all screw and/or bolt divets in the floor
Tongue and Groove Decking
Exterior Fence Lighting
Exquisite Exterior Lighting and raised Docking Lights


Vanderbilt Pontoon fences are designed for strength, protection and beauty. Only premium materials are used and the craftsmen and women who weld and assemble the fences take pride in knowing this very visible component on every pontoon needs to maintain its form, fit and function, as well as show off its beauty for the lifetime of the vessel.

  • Aluminum walls are 25% thicker than the industry standard, giving the fence a better form and fit, while reducing the chances of dents and flexing
  • We use anodizing rather than powder coating to ensure the boat maintains its rich black appearance, while being free of chipping and cracking
  • Full height aluminum panels provide superior protection for furniture
  • Fence panel is finished on the interior to eliminate sharp edges and give that Vanderbilt Pontoon “finishing touch”
  • Foam inserts between the fence panel and the fence rail provide that “rattle free, quiet ride” our customers love and expect in a luxury pontoon.
  • Bracing is stylish and positioned away from the gate to help prevent toe stubbing
  • Fences are securely installed through crossmembers
  • Interior panels behind fence lights are removable for service
Fence Brace
Fence Panel Construction
Quiet Ride Foam And Tape Fence Construction


Our commitment to comfort extends beyond the upholstery material. Stylish ergonomic foam is expertly shaped to contour to your body, providing unparalleled support and comfort. From the bow to the stern, our seating provides the ultimate in relaxation.

  • Wood-free furniture backrest and seat construction… completely made of high density plastic and rotocast
  • Stay-dry rotocast
  • Easy-to-open (gas shock assisted) hood style hinges allow unobstructed access to storage areas
  • Flip-up Chaise end table with cupholders
  • Beige or gray primary Simtex vinyl with quilted rattan accents
  • Premium billet aluminum flip-down armrests
  • Built-in RGB stainless steel cupholders and integrated phone chargers
  • Focused attention to high-quality fit and finish
  • Distinctive floor covering that is durable, stain-resistant, mold & mildew resistant
Superior Furniture Hinging

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